Max Robinson – New Hope

A key feature for WALL, the label of world-renowned DJ and Producer AFROJACK, is elevating new and talented producers. In the spirit of polishing and stimulating new producers, WALL decided to broaden their own horizon by launching a new platform called ‘WALL Academy’. It is a talent-pool for starting producers which will function as a steppingstone towards the bigger audience, to support new talent and give them the attention they truly deserve. With ‘New Hope’ as first release the bar is set for what’s to come on the new label. Its title is quite fitting since ‘New Hope’ should be given to all the up and coming producers out there to get featured!

A year back AFROJACK started hosting demo-streams with fellow WALL artists. Producers can send in their own demos for AFROJACK to review and give feedback live on stream. These demo-streams are still going strong each month to date. The number of incredible tracks and positive feedback that WALL received on the streams was overwhelming. getting hundreds of new demos each month with great tracks that somehow had nowhere to go. That is why AFROJACK launches, together with WALL, the WALL Academy talent pool.

With WALL Academy, a platform is created, dedicated to discovering and supporting new and emerging artists. Providing them with the tools and resources to develop and grow their musical talents while helping them build a fanbase to increase their visibility in the ever-growing music industry. Striving to give beginning artists and producers a transparent, educational and most of all, fun start in the music industry without any attachments.

Right now, a lot of releases are already lined up on WALL Academy, so you can expect a host of new music that is heading your way. Starting with the release from Max Robinson called ‘New Hope’.  A banger of a track that AFROJACK already played in some of his live sets. Bringing new and fresh music towards the audience. WALL is hoping for a wave of ‘new hope’ that inspires producers to keep going at it and give it everything they got!

If you are someone who is interested to release on WALL Academy yourself, your best bet is to be featured in the demo-streams. You can join the WALL Discord for all the information that you need and to submit your tracks.