Jingby, ZACH FOX & Emma Castellino – Another Life

Introducing ‘Another Life’: A Collaborative Soulful House Track by Jingby, Zach Fox, and Emma Castellino.

Three promising newcomers in the EDM scene, Jingby, Zach Fox, and Emma Castellino, are excited to announce the release of their track ‘Another Life’ on August 4th. This collaborative effort brings together their individual talents to create a captivating and soulful house track that is bound to resonate with all listeners out there.

Jingby, a talented 16-year-old house producer from Sweden, has been honing his craft since the young age of 12. Inspired by influential artists like Martin Garrix and Avicii, Jingby has developed a unique and fresh style within the house genre. Through experimentation and dedication during the pandemic, he has crafted a sound that is both innovative and easy on the ears.

‘another life’ has been in the works for a long time, it originally started with a chord progression I thought was something special. After a lot of producing with Zach, mixing in amazing vocals from Emma and fine tuning, the song is finally out. It was so fun to work on this and also having the support from Wall! – Jingby

Joining forces with Jingby, is Zach Fox, an up-and-coming music producer making waves in the industry. Hailing from the United States, Zach Fox has been winning over audiences with his captivating melodies that hook listeners from the first note. Garnering support from respected names in the industry such as MOTi, Showtek, Bonobo, and the cosmic DJs From Mars, Zach Fox is on an exciting trajectory towards becoming a household name.

“another life” has been an absolute labor of love, pouring our hearts into every note alongside Jingby and Emma. Together, we’ve crafted something truly special and I personally can’t wait for the world to hear it.  – Zach Fox

Completing this talented trio is Emma Castellino, an emerging singer-songwriter known for her soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics. With a passion for storytelling, Emma infuses her music with a captivating and emotional depth that resonates with listeners. Drawing inspiration from personal experiences, she skillfully explores themes of love, self-growth, and resilience through her introspective songwriting.

‘Another Life’ is the great new product of the combined talents of Jingby, Zach Fox, and Emma Castellino. This captivating track effortlessly blends soulful vocals, and minimal hooks to create a musical experienc. From the seamless production to the heartfelt lyrics, ‘Another Life’ promises to leave a lasting impression on fans of the EDM genre. Available now on all platforms!