Champagne Problems – Summer Nights

Get ready for ‘Summer Nights’ with the new WALL Academy release by Champagne Problems

WALL keeps going at it with their new development WALL Academy. A talent pool launched almost a month ago to celebrate and bring light to all the new, talented and upcoming producers out there. With already 3 releases on the platform by Max Robinson, VIKE and Denero, they’ve launched the 4th one last Friday. It’s a tune by producer ‘Champagne Problems’ called ‘Summer Nights’, which could pass as a summer anthem! This shows the incredible amount of skill these producers are able to drop on WALL Academy.

Now, with Champagne Problems dropping his track in this line of great tunes that are already released on Academy, it marks the one-month anniversary of WALL Academy. A project from world renowned DJ and producer AFROJACK that has shown great promise so far.

The 26 year old Chris ‘Champagne Problems’ Chadronet has released a great tune in an already quite an impressive repertoire. With one of his previous singles ‘Hold You’ he amassed over 100.000 plays on all DSP’s. This proofs that Chris is no stranger to making moves in the industry.

Now dropping ‘Summer Nights’ on WALL Academy he adds another skillful track to his catalogue. This release is special for Chris as well. Since we all have that one song that can bring you back to a summer or vacation where you had the most amazing nights. For Champagne Problems this track was ‘Give Me Everything’ by Pitbull, Ne-Yo, AFROJACK and Nayer. So the Fact that AFROJACK took a liking to his tracks on one of the monthly WALL demo-streams, that was a special moment.

This release marks my one year as a producer since the first release I dropped. So proud of the progress I made and grateful to have WALL supporting me on this. My biggest release yet, turning a new page for me – Champagne problems

Are you a producer that would like a shot at releasing on WALL Academy yourself, your best bet is to join the WALL Discord and find all the information you need in there. WALL Discord

With the summer of ‘23 right around the corner, upcoming talent Champagne Problems delivers a true anthem for the months to come. Combining catchy vocals with euphoric melodies, ‘Summer Nights’ is the perfect fit for both radio and festivals worldwide. This feel- good anthem is dropping June 16 on AFROJACK’s newest imprint WALL Academy. Enjoy!