Cesqeaux is a Dutch producer, performer, songwriter and DJ. His ability to put his own unique stamp on any production has led him to craft hit records with the elite of the music industry and carve a solid name at all leading festivals. 

His trademark hairstyle and bold fashion sense makes Cesqeaux an imposing figure in and beyond the electronic music scene. His appearance is matched by his expert understanding of the turntables, providing Cesqeaux with a unique, refreshing sound in the spectrum of music. Whether he is performing or in his studio producing his latest hit, Cesqeaux’s genuine love for music is always clear to see. 

He is known for utilizing every beat of each track to create the unique Cesqeaux sound and his attention to detail is what really sets him apart in the industry. As an exceptional producer, who is also known for writing his own lyrics and recording his own vocals, Cesqeaux caught the eye of global superstars including Justin Bieber, Martin Garrix, David Guetta, J Balvin, Diplo and AFROJACK, leading to several high profile collaborations. One such collaboration, ‘2U’, became the worldwide smash with David Guetta & Justin Bieber. It built up over 18 platinum certifications and 500 million streams on YouTube alone. 

In 2021 Cesqeaux released his first ever album ‘Human Error’. The Human Error album is a true testament to his mastery and diversity. Born out of his feeling of becoming a musical robot disconnected from himself, compounded by the digitization of art and proliferation of social media, Cesqeaux channels these feelings into an evocative sonic journey. The album spans the entire gamut of electronic music with tracks ranging from trap and club, to midtempo, dubstep, experimental bass and more.

Cesqeaux refuses to settle and is continuously working on all aspects of his artistry to ensure his repertoire remains as fresh as possible. In the last years, Cesqeaux released ‘Humble’, a collaboration with Diplo & Lil Yachty, next to collaborations with AFROJACK, Ookay, Tisoki, GTA & Kalibwoy. In the future, he will continue to blow us away with his next-level productions and electrifying stage presence. STAY TUNED!