Amél & Max Robinson – Hold On

Amél and Max Robinson Unleash Captivating Progressive House Track ‘Hold On’ on WALL Recordings

Rising stars Amél and Max Robinson have joined forces to deliver an exhilarating new release in the form of their progressive house track, ‘Hold On.’ Making their mark in the EDM scene, these talented artists are already turning heads with their immense potential and rapid ascent in the industry. Released under the esteemed WALL Recordings label, ‘Hold On’ is set to captivate audiences and establish Amél and Max Robinson as the newest sensations in electronic music.

Amél’s journey in music began at an early age, growing up in a musical family with his father’s high-end audio company. Inspired by his older sister, he embarked on a musical path, starting with the violin at the tender age of 9. Although a career in music was not initially on his radar, everything changed in 2016 when he discovered the clean and powerful sound of EDM. Eventually armed with FL Studio, he dedicated countless hours honing his skills and experimenting with melodies. In 2023, Amél’s exceptional talent was acknowledged by EDM icon AFROJACK, resulting in a signing to his prestigious label, WALL Recordings, during Tomorrowland Winter. With his tracks and remixes already being played by renowned artists, Amél now sets his sights on taking center stage himself.

“It was super fun working alongside Max Robinson on this track. I think Max has a great sense of melody, which for me is always the key to a good track. The support on the track has been amazing already, and I can’t wait to see it played around the world for the rest of 2023.” – Amél

Hailing from England, Max Robinson has spent the past six years perfecting his craft behind the scenes. However, in September 2022, his talent gained widespread recognition when superstar DJ AFROJACK played one of Max’s songs on the mainstage of Ultra Japan, having discovered it during a livestream. The exposure continued with numerous plays on AFROJACK’s JACKED Radio and Tomorrowland Adscendo 2023, solidifying Max Robinson as a rising star. Known for his uplifting and captivating Progressive House sound, characterized by catchy melodies, Max is now ready to unleash his musical prowess and make his mark as a producer.

“After submitting a demo version of this track to one of the Afrojack demo streams, to be played live at Ultra Japan later that week, I’m incredibly excited to get this one released on WALL. Also, working with Amél was an amazing experience, he is such a kind and great producer.” – Max Robinson.

‘Hold On,’ the collaborative effort between Amél and Max Robinson, showcases their collective passion and commitment to creating mesmerizing music. With its pulsating beats, and an irresistible energy, the track is poised to become a crowd favorite. Drawing from their individual strengths and creative instincts, Amél and Max Robinson have crafted a masterpiece that seamlessly blends their signature styles, leaving listeners craving more.

WALL Recordings, known for its commitment to fostering emerging talent and pushing the boundaries of electronic music, is thrilled to release ‘Hold On’ as a testament to the exciting journey of Amél and Max Robinson. The track is proof of their dedication, showcasing the immense potential that lies within these two rising stars.