AFROJACK – Chain Gang

Highly anticipated AFROJACK release ‘Chain Gang’ is finally here!

AFROJACK, the renowned artist celebrated for his innovation and groundbreaking contributions to the music industry, is once again pushing the boundaries with his latest release. Today, July 7th, the multi-talented DJ is thrilled to announce the launch of his highly anticipated track, ‘Chain Gang,’ which will be available for music enthusiasts worldwide to enjoy from the comfort of their own homes.

As one of the most sought-after artists in the industry, AFROJACK has continuously proven his ability to produce at the pinnacle of every genre, consistently delivering awe-inspiring music that captivates listeners around the globe. ‘Chain Gang’ is no different. Leaving nothing to the imagination with his extraordinary talent and creativity, promising to leave a lasting impact on fans and industry insiders alike.

AFROJACK pushes music in bold new directions, and at the same time, he is putting a lot of effort into his label WALL Recordings, a record label he launched 13 years ago dedicated to cultivating the careers of leading-edge electronic artists and producers. With this track he stands besides his fellow producers on WALL while doing what he does best, ‘create amazing tracks’!

This mesmerizing track has been a staple in AFROJACK’s live performances and sets for over a year, generating an immense amount of anticipation and excitement among his dedicated fanbase. Now, the moment everyone has been eagerly awaiting has arrived, as ‘Chain Gang’ makes its official debut under AFROJACK’s very own imprint, WALL Recordings.