DubVision & AFROJACK – Underwater

DubVision and AFROJACK, electronic dance music powerhouses known for their seamless collaborations, have once again joined forces to release their latest track, “Underwater.”

The journey to creating this dynamic fusion of talent, energy, and infectious beats began nearly a year ago when DubVision received a captivating vocal that sparked their inspiration. Initially crafting a typical progressive track around it, the duo found themselves unsatisfied with the outcome, leading to the project being shelved for almost six months. 

However, creativity sparked again at the end of 2023, prompting DubVision to revisit the project with a fresh idea. Recognizing the missing elements, they wasted no time in sending the track straight to AFROJACK, who immediately resonated with the concept and eagerly dove into enhancing it. The end result is nothing short of spectacular and stands as a testament to their successful collaboration.  

“Underwater” represents the latest thrilling collaboration between AFROJACK and DubVision, following their past successes with tracks like “New Memories” in 2017, “Back To Life” in 2019, “Anywhere With You” in 2021 and ‘’Feels Like Home’’ in 2022 which served as the official song for the F1 Dutch Grand Prix. With its hypnotic beat, captivating vocals, and electrifying drop, the track is sure to enthrall audiences and dominate dance floors and festivals worldwide. Available now on all digital streaming platforms, “Underwater” promises to be an exhilarating experience that will have audiences itching to hear it at every bar, club, and festival.